Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy News

So at my nephew's birthday party last night, I saw one of my first cousins whom I have not seen in years. She's slightly younger than I am- a single mother with a seven year old daughter.

I was surprised to know she is coming to the United States. She and her American boyfriend had been together four years now and they're soon tying the knot in Tampa, Florida come August. I told her we used to live in Fort Lauderdale- we could have lived closer if we were still there.

I am happy she is coming to the United States. I told her to come visit me in Maryland some time later this year. She happily told me she will try and convince her soon to be husband to come visit us. When I asked her if she was excited to come to the United States, she said she is half-hearted about it for now. She said she had to give up her job at a financial organization where she worked ten years helping commercial collection agencies. Plus she had to leave her daughter for four months in the Philippines due to visa problems. Oh wow. I don't blame her for feeling that way.

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Tammy said...

Happy birthday to your cousin and congratulations on her upcoming wedding.