Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back-to-School Organizing Tips

My kids are not in school yet, but soon they will be in daycare. Already I am thinking of ways on how to organize and personalize their things. One of the ideas that came to my mind is to label their lunch bags, clothing, toys, and even milk bottles and sippy cups. Nowadays, I am glad I have the DYMO Labelmaker to help me do my labeling easily and stylishly.

How about you? Are you prepared for the back-to-chool season?

Here are a few neat tips offered by DYMO to help you with back-to-school organizing:

*Avoid a meal mix-up by labeling your child's lunch box or bag, using your LetraTag Personal Label Maker. Food labeling helps you child to locate and identify his or her lunch, and also clears up any confusion with other similar lunch boxes or brown paper bags. Simply print out their name, and even the date, and place the label on their lunch carrier.

*Gym shorts and tops get mixed up with other kids' gym clothing. Use your DYMO LetraTag printer to print out your child's name onto DYMO's helpful iron-on tape.
There's no need to sew anything! Simply print out the label, then iron it directly to a flat piece of the garment.

*Using your LetraTag Personal Label Maker, create labels for each class and place them on each folder and corresponding notebook.

*Use metallic LetraTag tape in your Label Maker to print out the name of the class as well as your child's name on his or her school books. The shiny labels come in black print on silver tape or black print on green tape. Plus, the metallic look of the label will give the books a more playful and fun image.

For more helpful tips on back-to-school organizing, just go to the Tips and Advice page on www.dymo.com