Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cash for Gold

Do you have unwanted gold jewelry and need cash right now?

At, you can safely and securely exchange your old or unwanted gold jewelry for cash. Here's how:

1. Just use the form provided online to request a FREE Gold Exchange Kit and they'll rush one right to your door.

2. Gather up your unwanted gold, silver, platinum and diamond items and use the super-durable kit to ship your items to safely and securely. Every shipment is insured and postage is paid for you! They'll receive your shipment, evaluate its recycle value, and send you a check right away. All for a small 6% processing fee. accepts gold and precious metals directly from anyone with no minimum shipment requirements. For the first time individuals have the same access to a direct exchange as large commercial firms. And, they hire the best and the brightest in the industry and then thoroughly train them. Well trained and competent staff are essential to their goal of delivering reliable, fast service to their clients. What's more, their main facility is guarded and monitored 24 hrs a day and because they value security, their facilities are not available for public tour and no walk-in business is accepted.

So why hold on to unwanted gold jewelry? You can easily get cash- just Trade your Gold for fast cash at!

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Petula said...

I'll have to check this out!