Monday, August 4, 2008

Facials and Skin Care

My younger sister Lourdes is into skin care and facials. She recently went to a beauty school to have training on skin care, how to give facials and using skin care products to maintain youthfulness and prevent skin problems. She recently introduced me and my other sisters to a new skin care line that not only erases dark patches on skin, but also can be used as an effective way to prevent acne, or as acne treatments.

I do get an occassional zit or two due to my oily T-zone area. It would be nice to have a product to use to eliminate this type of skin care problem. So I might try what she recommended.


Sherry said...

I need acne treatment... my face getting alot pimple.

Anonymous said...

Hello, you guys might want to try out It has all the necessary information about acne, acne treatments, and scar lightening.