Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Is your computer becoming very much a part of your daily life?

Do you sometimes get amazed at how computer technology is becoming a part of our daily lives these days?

Take my nine year old nephew. He uses the computer to research for his school assignments. Wow, I was thinking to myself, when I was ten years old I don't even know how to use a manual typewriter, let alone a computer! LOL.

Then my sister was telling me about her daughter (my niece) who just got into college and taking courses for Nursing. My niece almost don't leave the house much to study, except for a couple days in the week- because she takes her online college courses
all in the privacy of their home in her computer.

Me? I only go online because I need MapQuest to give me driving directions of new places, or find the address of the nearest pizza delivery place, or write reviews of products that I get free, etcetera etcetera. :)

I know this isn't new to you all. But I just wanted to share my own amazement to this whole online business with everything around us nowadays.

I mean, look at all of us- don't we make nice money because we're online blogging and using our computer? ;)

1 Comment:

Cathy said...

In a short sentence, "Can't live without it!"

Who can these days?