Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hip Mama's Place is Featured Review of the Week on

Last week, Hip Mama's Place posted a review on Skin MD Natural Lotion- my new favorite daily lotion.

Today I received an email from Pete Grimaldi, the PR person who contacted Hip Mama's Place directly to consider Skin MD Natural for sampling and review, that Hip Mama's Place was chosen as the Featured Review of the week and is one of the Featured Bloggers on their website at

Here are the links:

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I can't help but share this delightful shoutout on Hip Mama's Place. I can't deny I'm proud of it! It always feels good knowing your efforts are being recognized. :D

If you're reading my blog and you haven't been to my review site yet- it's where I feature product reviews at least 3 times a week and host fabulous weekly product giveaways for moms, babies, kids- in fact, for the whole family!

I'd like to also take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been regularly following Hip Mama's Place through my feed reader, or just simply visiting the site daily to check out new product reviews and giveaways, and post their wonderful comments. It wouldn't be the same without you all- THANK YOU SO VERY DEEPLY.


Sandra Carvalho said...

Hi Jocelyn!
Just me again to say thanks!You're a sweetie!
OH!In case you're wondering what Super Mae means is Super Mom. ;)

Petula said...

That's great... congrats on getting your review recognized. You do great work!

Oh, and you're quite welcome, we have to support each other and I love coming to visit you. (Even if I miss a day or two...or three!) :D