Thursday, September 4, 2008

"Was She On A Diet Pill?"

Yesterday while I was grocery shopping, I bumped into an old friend. She recognized me first and for a few seconds, I was tongue-tied when she called me by my name. Don't you feel a little embarassed when that happens? They remember your name but you don't. Well, I had that moment yesterday seeing my old friend again after a long time. (LOL).

So anyways, my increasingly bad memory was a bit nice to me yesterday. I did remember her name. She was a classmate in junior high and we were buddies for that whole year until she transferred school that next year. Wow, I didn't recognize her at all. She looked way slimmer now. She was chubby in high school and I would not have imagined she would look this slim now that we're in our 30's. I was starting to think she must be on a diet pill or something, or she just doesn't eat like a pig like I do. LOL. I do know that people's looks do change over the years. Maybe she just know how to control her eating and does regular exercise. I was too shy to ask her slimming secrets. :)

Anyways, it was a nice chat although not very long. She's already got two kids like I have and happily married to her husband of ten years.


Sandra Carvalho said...

It's always nice to meet friends that we haven't seen in years.
I bet some of my school buddies look quite different now!I know I do!
Hope you're having a a great day!
I'll be grabbing your badge ok?
Take care.

Petula said...

Oh that always happens to me. I guess once people finally get my name and the pronunciation they remember. I am so bad with names. ... It's always good to see an old friend and catch up.