Saturday, October 25, 2008

Christmas Shopping, Anyone?

They say this year is going to be tight for people to go do their Christmas shopping. I honestly believe this. I mean, look everywhere you go. Here in the U.S., prices of necessities have gone up and money is getting tight.

As for me and my household, it will be easy as far as Christmas shopping goes this year. We just moved to a new place and my husband's family are all far from where we are. I have a sister who recently arrived from the Philippines, but she is the only one close by that I would like to give a present to- besides my husband and kids, of course. She will be coming to visit for Christmas from New York City where she currently stays. Oh, and she did ask me about shopping for a new video game player and video card to bring to the Philippines when she goes home in April. She wants to get it as a present to one of our brothers, who personally requested them from her. I am not into the video stuff like that so I told her I will have to look into where we can get them cheap.

So far, I have not started shopping for Christmas presents yet. I am starting though. I might check out some cool deals I found online. That should be fun!