Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nice Morning Phone Call

This morning was really nice. I received a phone call from my sister in the Philippines. We were catching up on "family news" and I was glad to hear that everyone is doing fine.

Anyway, she was telling me that one of my big brothers bought this used motorcycle that had a few problems. So now he's doing all kinds of repairs in it. I don't have any knowledge of motorcycles or cars whatsoever. So if someone even tells me about vehicle parts, or bearings and such, I'll just be nodding. I wouldn't have a clue, lol.

So our phone conversation took about more than an hour. It was nice to hear from family back home, especially when the news is all good.


lusia said...

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Sandra Carvalho said...

Oh yeah!That's all we want to hear!The good news! ;)
I'm glad to know that everything is going smoothly with your family! :)