Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yayyy...We Won!!!

Me and my household are very happy about Barack Obama's victory on the U.S. Presidential Elections. :)

Voting for this election was actually a very exciting time for me. It was my first time voting in any U.S. elections. Since I just got my U.S. citizenship back in 2005, this was the first time I voted in the U.S.

And what a memorable moment indeed! I am happy that my vote contributed to Mr. Obama becoming the 44th U.S. President! I couldn't be any happier. :)

Anyway, folks..I am just excited for Barack Obama. It is indeed time for a big change for this wonderful country. And a better one.


Kristi said...

Yea. It's about time America got it right!

Cathy said...

So were we Jo. When we saw the tv sreen saying Obama, 44th President, were esctatic. Yey!!!!

Sandra Carvalho said...

You're happy and I'm happy!The world is happy!!! :D
I've also posted about his victory! ;)
Way to go AMERICA!!!

Vanessa Martinez said...

I'm so glad to know you also support Obama!