Saturday, January 17, 2009

Brrr...It's Cold Outside

This week here in the East Coast has been extremely cold. Most of this week had been in the thirty degrees and it's really a pain to be outside. My kids had been sick with cold on and off because of this cold, crazy winter weather.

I usually don't like to wear hats or beanies but since this really cold winter where we live, I now always insist we wear one whenever we go out of the house. Joe doesn't like to wear beanies or winter scarves either but since I had him start wearing them for work everyday, he's agreed these items really help a lot to keep warm.

Hopefully this new week is warmer. We are still kind of lucky in that we don't have very icy, snowy roads like other places in the U.S. I drive to work about 45 minutes from my house everyday so it would be really scary for me if I have to drive in icy, slippery road conditions. Thank God so far, I can still drive without so much fear of driving and slipping off the roads.

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Sandra Carvalho said...

We've had some freezing days over here as well...Now they became a bit warmer but it's been raining non stop...
Stay worm girl! ;)