Saturday, January 17, 2009

Calling For Blogging Dads

I love participating in blog tours for many different products and services by Mom Central. It's really great that I get the chance to voice my own opinions on the products I get to test first-hand, while enjoying cool perks like free previews, samples, and even free Amazon gift certificates! You can see a few samples of reviews I've done for Mom Central here, here, here, and here.

Mom Central has always been focused on moms. But good news for blogging dads! Mom Central just announced that they are now organizing Blog Tours for Dads as well.

So if you have any ideas about a Dad that Mom Central should contact, please send them over to to sign up or have them contact Kara at Mom Central through her email at:

Better yet, if you are a Mom who blogs and can write honest reviews on products and services, visit Mom Central today and sign up to be a Mom reviewer!

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Adrienne said...

Thanks for the kudos, Jocelyn! I just joined the Mom Central team and I'm slowing starting to meet all our moms.