Saturday, January 17, 2009


Winter is the time of year when I go easy on my feet. No crazy high heels for me. I just like wearing soft, low-heeled winter boots or good old Clarks mules with my jeans on casual days. Comfort without sacrificing style.

In the summer, I like wearing sexy-looking sandals and slides, like this one by Manolo Blahnik. Oh wow, I feel like Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker's character on Sex and the City) talking about sexy shoes! (LOL).

I love summer and wearing shoes like these. The only downside is that I have to keep my toes looking pretty all the time to wear open-toed summer style shoes. Not that I don't like to keep my toes pretty. It's more the lack of time to go to the salon...y'know what I mean?

How about you? What favorite style of shoes do you like wearing in the summer.. or winter?


I'm just the MOM said...

Ok so I LOVE heels! Every season!

OrthoticShop said...

Those are good brands. I like Aetrex shoes for function and style. I got some Aetrex shoes along with a few pairs of Comfort Shoes from the Orthotic Shop.

Sandra Carvalho said...

I'm CRAZY about shoes!It all depends on the occasion.I like heels cause I have chubby legs and they make look slimmer! LOL! ;)

Life's Endless Possibilities said...

love those shoes!!! I don't mind having a pair or 2. I got the e-bear yesterday thank you so much.