Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Flight Disaster That Ended In Beautiful Cozumel Island

So Friday morning, me and my better half left Virginia for our Valentine weekend vacation to The Bahamas. Well, sadly it didn't happen. When we checked in from Charlotte, NC for our connecting flight to The Bahamas, we were told our US Airways flight was oversold and fifteen of us passengers didn't get seats at all. In short, we were told we can't make it to our destination. Imagine the pain and disappointment that caused us all? I can't even begin to tell you how upset we were. I cried. I just couldn't believe it was happening to us. We bought our tickets the first week of January. It just wasn't fair.. we felt cheated and very humiliated about it.

Anyway, to make the long story short, we had to make a quick decision to go somewhere else and make use of our "rare" time to go away. We agreed it has to be a beautiful island and not too far from Charlotte, NC where we were.

*View of the white sand beach outside our hotel room

So we ended up going to Cozumel- a beautiful white beach island in the Mexican Carribean. The only thing was that we had to wait for the next flight To Cozumel which was the next morning. So we ended up staying one night in Charlotte (with free hotel and meals). Not the best situation since we only had 3 days for the whole trip, but well.. it was better than going home and going nowhere at all.

All in all, we still had a wonderful Valentine's Day vacation. We lost one day of beach and sight-seeing enjoyment, but it was still a very unforgettable and very relaxing vacation. Cozumel is really beautiful- white sand beach, clear blue ocean, great Mexican food and yummy cocktail drinks! I loved the Intercontinental Presidente Hotel Cozumel where we stayed at. The room was very luxurious and had a fantastic oceanfront view complete with all the amenities you can imagine. I almost wished we never left, LOL. We were only there less than 2 days (too short!). So in a few months, we're planning to still go to The Bahamas. Hopefully we'll find good flight tickets on sale. And this time we'll make sure we have seat number assignments for our flight before we leave the house. Hard lesson learned.

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Life's Endless Possibilities said...

Hi Jocelyn, now I'm really curious about the better half. Is it the better half that I know or you have a new better half. Please help me understand... Either way I'm happy for you my friend.