Sunday, February 8, 2009

Warmer Weather

Today was a nice day to be out. The weather was warmer and we didn't have to wear our thick coats. Thank God!

The morning went by slow for me. I did the laundry and re-organized a few things in our kitchen cabinet. Later this afternoon, I took my one year old Jaden with me to Target to do a little shopping. I needed to get me some foot-pampering salt scrub and minty soak that I can do at home tonight. Some nice self-treat. Mmm.. I'm actually looking forward to it.

So I also got this email from a local moms group I joined here recently. It's about a new meeting with the moms and someone from the group is going to give away promotional bags with beauty products in them. I suspect it must be some type of sales promotion. Anyways, I might check it out. I actually haven't met up with anyone in the group yet. But I have to look at my schedule first.

Sorry I am rambling on. So how was your weekend, friends?