Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Sister Lourdes And My Upcoming Trip

My younger sister Lourdes came to visit here in the US since September last year. She stayed with me in Virginia for about two weeks and then went to New York City to stay with a friend who needed help managing her jewelry business.

Anyway, my sister loves New York City. She likes the fast-paced everyday life and she told me the shopping there is just great. Indeed.. a city that never sleeps. The whole time she was there she did a lot of sight-seeing and took tons of photos of herself and her friends. The recent photos she showed me were the ones where she and her friends stayed in a nice New York City hotel. I was a little envious. I wish I had the luxury of time like she does.

So this coming Friday she is coming back to Virginia to get ready for her trip back to the Philippines. She will also be helping me out with the kids while I go take my leisurely weekend getaway to beautiful and sunny Bahamas in the Carribean Island. Think white sand beach, sparkling blue ocean, beautiful hotel room accommodation..aahhh. I just can't wait! :)

Isn't it time I go do something really, really nice for myself? Well, for me that will be on Valentine's Day weekend. Go figure. ;)


Trula said...

Oooooh your trip sounds so relaxing!

Sandra Carvalho said...

Your sis name is Lourdes??Oh my Gosh!
That's my mom's name!
Really cool!