Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Beach Is Calling

Wow, I am already leaving at 7AM on Thursday- less than 48 hours-to beautiful and sunny Bahamas. :)

Believe it or not, I still haven't even packed my bag. I'm not so nervous though, because I already know the things I need to bring. Two of my favorite swimsuits, beach wear, sunglasses, hats, sunscreens, and my good old cosmetic bag with all my beauty and personal effects. LOL. Dan (my honey) and I agreed we each just pack lightly so we don't have to check in any bags. You know how last time when we tried to go to the Bahamas, my luggage went with the flight while him and I didn't. Ugh. What a real pain that was.

So anyway, I think I may have a coupon or two to use at my favorite bath and body store. I need a nice travel-size body wash and lotion to take with me. So first thing I need to do tomorrow after I drop off the kids at daycare is go to the store, have my nails done, then go home and pack. Gosh. I am just ready to go! :)


readingsully2 said...

Oh my Goodness, I can feel your excitement. Have a wonderful vacation and be sure to tell us all about it the next time you blog. :)

Penelope Anne said...

((((WOW))))) Have fun! Im following you now so Ill be keepin up with you - I cant wait to see pics of the beach! XO

Cathy said...

Oh just look at that view! I would need to lose all these weight I have before I would even consider putting a swimsuit on :)

I"m sure you'll have fun! Post some pics ok?