Friday, May 8, 2009

Surprise from my babies today

I had a really cute surprise from my little guys today (Gabriel, 3.5 years old and Jaden, 2 years old) when I picked them up from the daycare. They made me beautiful Mother's Day cards! :)

I wish I could post it here but my camera is still broken. I might try the phone camera later though. Anyway, the cards so touched my heart. I received two separate MD cards from my babies- the very first time ever.

Anyway, tonight and the weekend they will be staying with their dad. I am going to finish up decorating their bedroom at my 'new house'. I was at the Home Goods store today looking for discount lights and boys' room decor. I found some cute blue storage baskets instead for their closet.

For Mother's Day, me and Dan will be picking up the boys in the afternoon and take them at a state park close to where we live. Then go to dinner together with my guys. :)