Thursday, May 7, 2009

Remembering My Mother

I was sorting through a boxful of old photos and memory books and found some of photos of me and my mom when we went to Disney World in Orlando, Florida seven years ago. I was then newly-married to my first husband, no children, and I looked incredibly slimmer than I am now. Oh well... LOL.

Anyway, it made me cry looking at old photos of my mom and me together. I looked at all the photos of interesting places we went to here in the U.S. while she was visiting. Photos of us at the Empire Building in New York City, roaming around Manhattan, having fun in a boat while watching the Niagara Falls right infront of us and getting wet in the process, me and her posing infront of tall steel buildings in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Me and my mom had so much fun. I miss her so much.

I still grieve everytime I remember how she died. We lost her to a tragic boat accident five years ago. She was only 71 years old- still strong and vibrant at her age. But I am sure she is happier where she is now.

And how appropriate that I talked about my mom. Mother's Day is coming up and right now, I don't really have anyone I can think of like my mother. So to all of you who still has your mother, be grateful that you still have them. And show them that you care and that you appreciate them.

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Tammy said...

I lost my mother 13 years ago last Sunday. I still miss her.