Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Am Featured on The Mum Junkie

I am really getting worst at checking comments on my blog these days. You know how it has been really hectic for me lately.

Anyway, I got to get moving. I got about ten thousand things on my mind right now that I need to do (including checking out a baby announcements store). But hey, what's a few minutes of my sweet, precious time to give kudos to someone who has just made my day? ;)

Well.. this morning, while deciding to read this blog's most recent comments, I saw that Angie from The Mum Junkie featured Hip Mama Blog on her blog as one of three featured blogs that she does every month. What a wonderful surprise!

Thanks so much, Angie. Keep up the good work!

Please visit Angie from The Mum Junkie when you get a chance, friends! :)