Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crazy Busy Week

This week, I started taking care of my boys full-time again. Yup, me and my ex-hub are trying something new to help with daycare costs. I am compensated, but it won't be as high as what the daycare asks for. And since I have never been too crazy about taking them to daycare, I think this set up will work for everyone. So let's see how it goes.

One thing that I hated most about my kids being in daycare is that they seem to catch every single germs and so they were sick all the time. I have given up on working out of home full-time because I did it three times it never worked. I end up quitting the jobs because every single week, my kids are sick- either one of them or both. It wasn't worth going to work everyday and worrying if they're okay in daycare, if they're eating fine, or if they're going to get sick again the next day when they weren't. Gosh, it was such a real pain. Also lately, my little Jaden hasn't been eating well too since he caught that on and off coughing and cold from where else- the daycare. He used to never been picky with food and he always has good appetite to any food we give him. Now it's like an ordeal every meal time. So tomorrow I am taking him to the doctor about that and also ask about the lumpy bruise on his left elbow that hasn't gone away since two months ago. Ugh. It is worrying me.

Anyway, I got too much to say but too little time. I am off to the kitchen to make dinner now. Our Shih Tzu dog Gibson, is also barking and I think he is hungry too. Dan took him to a vet last week too for some tummy problems. But he is okay now and maybe this weekend, we'll take him to one of those indoor doggy parks with dog ramps. Dogs do grow on you and sometimes they do act like babies. :D

How is your week going?

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readingsully2 said...

Good luck. I hope this works out great for everyone. I know it will be better for your children.:)

Hope everything turns out okay at the doctor's.

It is nice that you and your X are working together to better improve the lives of your kids. :)

Our Treasure Hunt is going on if you find time.....which I