Friday, June 19, 2009

Super Busy

Once again, I have had a super super busy week. So pardon my absence on this blog for a whole week. :(

First, our airconditioning wasn't working since last Saturday which had us spend our last weekend in a hotel. It wasn't a bad place- one of those Sheraton 4 star ones with nice, clean rooms and a swimming pool. Anyway, the AC finally got fixed yesterday but before that we had to stay at Dan's parents' basement for 3 days. I mean, his parents has a nice house. The basement is like a whole new floor with its own kitchen, bathroom, living room, etcetera a whole family could literally live there! :)

Still, it is an inconvenience when you have to live out of a suitcase and can't have your usual things and the comfort of your own home. So last night was our first night back in the house and what a relief! So today was spent mostly cleaning and doing the laundry that piled up for two weeks. Ugh. Good thing I still managed to write a post on Hip Mama's Place earlier and here for the suppose-to-be topic on POS systems.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a peachy Friday. The weekend will be busy again. The boys will be with their dad and Dan and I will be attending his son's soccer All-Star tournament Saturday and Sunday. It will be fun, I'm sure! :)

How's your plan for this weekend? Anything fun? :)

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Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

Hi Jocelyn, thanks for your compliments about my car drawings. It's really nice to hear. :) and thanks for following me! I didn't think I had anyone but one sole follower, another artist... readingsully2

I enjoy reading your blogs :)