Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Gabriel!

My son Gabriel turned 4 today. We had so much fun at Chuck E. Cheese's at his birthday party last night. :D

I didn't actually expect for the party to be nice and smooth like it turned out knowing Chuck E. Cheese's is always crowded no matter what day or time you go but the one in Woodbridge, Virginia where we had it held is actually nicer, newer and cleaner than all the other ones we've been to. And since it was a week night party, we didn't have the same crazy crowd and we even had unlimited time at our tables instead of just the usual 90 minute-limit on their birthday parties. So anyway, everyone had a lot of fun, even the adults!

Gabriel received some cool presents from family and friends that included a giant train Imaginarium from his dad, Thomas the Tank train set, play-dohs, and random little cars and books. No, he didn't get an XBox which is becoming a typical present a kid gets these days. Gabriel certainly doesn't need anything like that anytime soon. ;D

Anyway, to all our family and friends who helped celebrate Gabriel's birthday with us: THANK YOU SO MUCH! Gabriel is currently enjoying his new toys (presents) as I'm writing this entry. ;D


readingsully2 said...

Happy Fourth, Jocelyn!

Cute BD photos.

Mee mOe said...

Cute pictures !!!

Sandra Carvalho said...

Belated Happy Birthday Gabe!
Hope you celebrate 100 more at least!