Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time and Beauty

You know how you feel when you got too much to do and some days seem shorter than others? I definitely feeling this lately.

Besides mommyhood and helping with the family business, I got side hobbies and interests (such as keeping up with my Etsy store and my blogs) and sometimes I feel like I'm probably spreading myself thin. So, I've resolved to do a better planning about how my days should go to fulfill my top priorities and still have extra time for my other interests.

And oh, lately I've also noticed more fine lines around my eyes. Ugh. I wondered if they were from lack of sleep or that I'm getting old. I've never been one to worry about age. I happen to be a fairly attractive-looking woman and people have told me many times that I don't look my age. Oh, well. That might change soon. But I hope not. Those nasty wrinkles are a bummer that's for sure. I think I could use something like the best eye wrinkle cream out there.

Are you currently using an eye cream to fight those unsightly eye area wrinkles? Did they work for you? Would love if you can share! :)