Monday, January 11, 2010

Wedding Venue Ideas

So my honey and I have started planning for our wedding. This past weekend, we did a lot of tours of possible venues. I've always dreamed of a garden wedding, so we did a research online for garden wedding venues and vineyards in the area. Him and I love wines and knew a few vineyards we've already visited in the past so checking out new wineries is always a fun activity for us! :)

We visited a total of six possible wedding venues this past weekend and we like two of the six so far. Wow, we never knew how much the cost of rental fees in those types of venues- until we started our research. It can certainly get outrageous! Reminded me of when we were looking at diamonds at the jewelry stores while we were shopping for my perfect engagement ring. Those things really do add up so now we're doing our best to make our wedding as low-cost as possible without sacrificing quality. Crossing my fingers it will be a beautiful wedding- hopefully, we won't end up breaking our bank! :)


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Sandy said...

Wedding planning is so much work, so much fun, and so much frustration! There will be times you're sure it will never fall together. Relax and try to enjoy it!

ColeAndJosephine said...

It's sort of criminal how much people charge for wedding related items! When I got married, we found an awesome place that included a garden and a party hall at one amazing price. I hope you get that lucky!

Randa @ The Bewitchin' Kitchen said...

Great post! I'm getting married this June in my hometown and cheap venues! That is one of the reasons we are getting married there!

Wineries would be beautiful! Every second Wednesday on my blog I have a Wedding Wednesday, so if you want check it out ( and the other Wednesdays are weight loss wednesday.

You have a great blog!

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