Monday, January 11, 2010

Long Lost Friend

I recently received an email from a long lost friend and I thought I'd share.

Her name is Anabelle and she was a close friend of mine from high school. It's really interesting how Anabelle and I lost contact when we both went to college. We didn't know the whole time we were in college that we lived in the same city and that the universities we both attended were so close together. About five full years, Anabelle and I lost contact with each other and then reconnected one day when she visited me at our family house in the town where we both went to high school.

Then a few years after that, we lost contact again due to many circumstances. And then out of the blue last week, she got my email address from our mutual friend and now we're again re-connecting. She asked me about cross country moving companies she could use for her move in the East Coast in the Spring and gave her some of the ones we used before.

It only goes to show that the world isn't too big after all and when you start making steps to reconnect with old friends and families with whom you've lost touch with, there's always a way to make it happen. Agree or disagree?