Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Want To Be Thinner!

Seriously. I need to lose weight. I got about 15 pounds of excess weight that's making me look fat and I don't like it.

My wedding is several months away and it's been a great motivator for me. I've been doing a lot of home video exercises and I've been doing good. But my biggest problem is my eating. Gosh, I love to eat. It seems that I eat more now than when I was 20 years old! And all the weight loss success stories I've heard always include diet as one of the main factors of losing weight. Ugh. I wish I could go back to being thin. I just saw a photo of me from twelve years ago and wow, I like my body back then. Oh well, I'll keep trying I guess. My sister even suggested I enroll in a tennis class. She did it before and she really lost a lot of weight. Well, we'll see what happens...