Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Do You Take Daily Supplements?

I admit it, I'm not very good at keeping with a daily vitamin supplement. But lately, I've been reading a lot on organic food, herbs and supplements in my attempt to be a healthier person. Plus, the wrinkles around my forehead and under my eyes have been more prominent now and I gotta take care of myself better. ;)

So, what kind of vitamin supplements do you take daily? I now take a hair, skin, and nails vitamins and joint health supplements. Yes, I do. I believe that by taking these types of vitamin supplements will help me take care of my body. So it wasn't a surprise that since I've been taking them for two weeks in a row now, I feel I have more energy and I am not as tired or irritable after a long day.

Please share what type of health supplements you take daily and tell me why you take them. :)


readingsully2 said...

I just started taking daily vitamins and I am 63. I think I have avoided them because I have a hard time swallowing large pills. So, I stared looking for chewable vitamins for adults and I found them at GNC. They are called Solotron Chewable Dietary Supplement multivitamins. They are great!

Jocelyn said...

Wow, thanks for sharing! I will certainly check that out at GNC. :)

I'm just the MOM said...

I take a daily multi vitamin as well.

I'm just the MOM said...

I hit enter and it posted my comment...i wasnt even done yet lol.
But I've been working out a lot and I take the multi vitamins to get all the extra stuff my body needs. you see, I may work out a lot but its hard for me to get my eating right. lol. I just love food. Plus I take them for the extra benefit of not being sickly.