Thursday, September 27, 2007

How To Play And Win On Bid4Prizes

Have you heard of Bid4Prizes? This auction games site is truly unique in that you can win prizes when you have the lowest unique bid on a prize that you'd like to win. To participate, you play by 'bidding' on different prizes posted such as automobiles, home electronics, trips, apparel, games, to name a few.

How to play:

It's really easy to play on Bid4Prizes. All you need to do is find a prize that you like and place a bid to win it. The unique thing about it is, unlike most popular auction websites where the highest bid wins the prize, with Bid4prizes the lowest unique bid wins! Here's how the game works: You find a prize you like IE: 42" Plasma TV that sells new for $2,000 but instead of bidding and paying $1,500 for it you bid .50 cents. Once you bid Bid4Prizes will tell you whether your bid is low, high, unique, or duplicate and the game begins! Your job is to try and use the game tips they give you to determine the lowest unique bid which will win you the prize. It is really a user-friendly game! The best part of all is that if your bid wins the prize you don't pay the .50 cents at all. In fact, you don't even pay for shipping the prize to just win it free! Winning a prize on Bid4prizes is like winning on a sweepstake! Prizes range from, Apple I-Phone’s, HDTV’s, Designer Bags, SCION XB’s to Cash Prizes. There is a new winner everyday.

There are two ways to bid: online and through your mobile phone. As a bidder, you can play for free on the web or sign up for a premium monthly plan that provides you with multiple bid opportunities.

*How to bid online:
Visit and register. Once your registration is complete you will have access to
STEP 1: Select your favorite prize and click on the image of it.
STEP 2: Enter your cell number and your bid amounts in cents.
STEP 3: When the auction ends, if your bid is the lowest unique bid you win the prize!

*How to bid on your mobile:
Text the keyword of the Prize and Price point you wish to bid, to 81000. (For example: WII 125, send txt to 81000)

For more details on how you can participate to win fantastic free gifts, go to

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Tammy said...

I have never heard of Bid4Prizes. It sounds kinda fun.

Jocelyn said...

hi the new avatar you have goin' on there! ;)