Saturday, October 27, 2007

La Jolla, California

My husband's mother side of the family lives in Los Angeles, California. Once in a while we take a trip there to visit and sight-see other surrounding areas.

After dinner last night, my husband and I talked about visiting L.A. again one weekend this December and possibly visit this quaint little Christmas town in California called Solvang. This was one of the few little stops we did on our Las Vegas honeymoon in November 2003. I love this little Dutch-inspired town! It feeds that little girl in me who loves everything Christmas--colorful lights, Santa Claus, Christmas trees, snow-covered houses, you name it! Everything Christmas you will find in Solvang! :)

So besides Solvang, another place I want to visit is La Jolla, also in California. I have never been there, but a friend told me it is a beautiful place to check out. My husband and I love trying out new cuisines when we visit a new place. An eat out at a restaurant in La Jolla might be one of the highlights of the day if we do go there.

Ugh! lots of things to do, so little time (and money!). But I guess, I can express my thoughts about it, and who knows? Some people say some of our thoughts might actually come true. I know I need a little vacation, so it would really be nice... :)