Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Nurse Sister

An article I read today about nurses reminded me of my sister who is a nurse. She is currently working in the Carribean Island but has been working to get her NCLEX exam license so she can practice nursing here in the U.S.

I can't wait when she's able to come and work here in the U.S. Not only she gets paid better here she can also be closer to me and my family. I told her that there are plenty of nursing jobs in the U.S. In Texas alone where I live, the demand for nurses are still very high. You will know it judging at all the big advertisements you see on the paper offering very attractive incentives and bonuses to any new nurse applicant who gets hired.

I actually have a very close friend from the Philippines(my home country) who is here in the U.S. too who just started being a travelling nurse. She became tired of working for the same hospital for many years and now she told me she loves travelling all over the different states in the U.S. Hmm, it made me a bit envious. I was getting my pre-requisite courses a few years ago when I was newly-married. My pre-baby years. Now I'm not sure if I still have the energy to continue it. Certainly no time any more. Maybe someday...

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