Monday, October 15, 2007

What A Sweet Treat!

It's always nice to see new people visiting my blogs. One of my new blogger friends Anna, of Beth and Cory's Mom blog, gave me a real sweet treat today. It made my day! :)

So I'm passing it along to 3 of my random visitors/blogger friends:

1. Razz, of World Of Mom
2. Mzaprille, of It's All About Me
3. Childlife, of In The Life Of A Child

Enjoy this sweet treat like I did! :)


Brandi said...

Hi! I'm new too! Just came across you from BlogMommas! CUTE page! I LOVE it! Great job!

Can't wait to read more,

PS We're doing a contest right now, so come by and win something! =)

razz said...

Thank you so much, that put a smile on my face:)

World Of Mom

Carrie Smith said...

I am tagging you with a 5 things about me Meme :o)
have fun!

Tammy said...

Congratulations on the award! what could be better an award and a sweet treat too!

Jocelyn said...

*Hey brandi, thanks for stopping by. I went and check your site, great job you're doing there. God bless you! :)

*Razz, you're welcome, and I like your new blog design! ;)

*Carrie, thanks a lot. The kids are sleeping right now. And I'm able to do entries on my blogs so thanks will work on it. :)

*Tammy, thank you for always inspiring me to continue blogging. You have a generous spirit. :)

Childlife said...

Jocelyn - Awww! Thanks - you made my day! : )