Sunday, November 18, 2007

Decorating For The Holidays

So I actually started putting up the Christmas tree last evening. My hubby and I took about six big boxes from the garage, full of all sorts of Christmas goodies. It's funny how sometimes you forgot what you already had until you see them again. I was thinking of going to my favorite candle store (Yankee Candle) one day this week to get new Christmas-scented candles. But I was surprised I still have two big candle jars, all still looking good and still nice to use this year so I'm happy I don't have to buy those anymore. Good thing, as my Christmas shopping budget this year is a little crunched.

Anyways, our Christmas tree right now so far, is halfway lit. I had to go to the store at my work lunch break tomorrow to pick up new multilights as half of the ones I bought from last year no longer works (sucks!).

So but I'm happy I'm off to a good start on my Christmas decorating. I will also be posting the Christmas tree pic here, once it's all done. I'm excited! :)


Rachel said...

Holy cow!
Go girl! I love going through Christmas boxes!! We'll decorate after we get back from Thanksgiving.
Hope you had lots of fun and treasured the memories that each item brought back. :-)

Childlife said...

Wow - you're WAYYYYYY ahead of me : ) Way to have your act together! If you tell me you have all your shopping and wrapping done with your Christmas cards waiting to go out... I think I will go crawl under a rock and hide somewhere : )