Sunday, November 11, 2007

I Had A Blast Today!

--The second cake, not the one that fell

The baby shower for my friend Judi turned out great. Nine of my mom friends came, mostly with their spouses and little kids. There were about a little over 30 people who came total, including the kids, so my four-bedroom, 3000 square feet house was a little packed, I could say. ;)

We had lots of Filipino food, chatting, fun, and games. The game winners were all happy with their $10 gift card winnings each. ;) Of course the celebrant was very happy. She told me she enjoyed the party so much and was very grateful for it. In fact, she is now planning for a Thanksgiving party at her house the end of November. That will be exciting too and I look forward to it already. :)

So anyways, two funny things happened at the party: 1. My two year-old managed to pull the whole baby shower cake off the table so naturally the whole cake, which was still in the half-opened cake box literally fell upside down on the floor. I got a little flustered--not only because I paid nice money for it, but also of course the celebrant hasn't seen it yet. This happened right before the guests started coming in the door so my (sometimes) nice hubby offered to run to the nearby bakery and got a new cake for me and got in time for when the party started. It said, "Baby Ryan", instead of "Welcome Baby Ryan" unlike the original one but it's okay. It was still chocolate cake and still tasted good so I wasn't too sad after all. :)
2. One of my favorite decorative tall vases broke ( one of my moms' little daughter was playing with the beach ball in my living room, hitting my vase in the process). :( But it's okay. A little flustered, but not upset.

All in all I had a blast. I can't wait for the next moms event again. :)


Carrie Smith said...

I have an award for you :0)


Tammy said...

My daughter did that too to a cake when she was 2. Maybe it's the age or maybe it's the fact that all kids love cake. LOL