Sunday, November 4, 2007

Shopping Around For An ECommerce Software?

If you are thinking of selling products online and are looking for a hosted shopping cart software, I would highly recommend buying it from a leading, reputable software provider like AShop Commerce. They offer a complete shopping cart solution for merchants to sell online.

As a seller, you can start accepting credit cards on your website immediately. I like the fact that the shopping cart software they offer is completely web-based and requires no installation of any kind. The system is setup so that it is user-friendly and offers lots of extra features that other software providers don't. They even offer fully customizable shopping cart theme editor and you can choose from about 50 themes to your heart's desire. Other wonderful features include easy shopping cart payment gateway setup, inventory control of your products and integration of real-time shipping methods such as UPS, Australian Post, Fedex.

So if you want an affordable, no contract or terms required, complete ecommerce software solution, AShop Commerce can help provide it for you. Also avail now of their ten-day free trial.

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Anonymous said...

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