Sunday, December 2, 2007

Our Christmas Tree This Year...

I am posting a picture of our family Christmas tree here, in response to some requests from my blogger friends, LOL. Here it is.

It is positioned in the center of the window in the formal dining room. In the evening when the Christmas lights are lit, I open both sides of the curtain so that it is visible from the outside. We did not do any decorating outside the house, so with our tree being visible from outside serves as like our main outdoor Christmas decor. I will probably go to the craft store this afternoon to get more bows for my candle holders that I put on top of my fireplace mantle. The bows will match the ribbons that I will tie both sides of my curtains by the Christmas tree. I like to coordinate colors when I decorate. That also holds true when I dress, most of the time anyways. Not always. But yes, I color coordinate my wardrobe to my shoes, purse, and jewelry whenever I can. :)

Anyways, the Christmas presents are not wrapped yet, but normally I would put them under the tree. These days though, I wait 'til Christmas eve night before putting them under the tree to be opened on Christmas morning. Or else, my toddler will be opening them wayyyyyyy before Christmas morning if I put those gifts before then, LOL. He loooooves opening gifts. Last year, he was only a year and a half old and he had a blast opening all his presents. :)


jenn said...

What a pretty tree!

Thanks for stopping by. I'll be back to visit when I have more's my little ones birthday party today...lots to do!

Take care, jenn

Carrie Smith said...

I love your tree. Very pretty!

Happy Holidays

1 plus twins said...

thanks for stopping by. i love your tree. i am the same way with color matching my decorations and my clothes!! oop not my decorations to my clothes but my clothes matching. you know what i mean. however we are huge steeler fans and one of our trees is black with steeler stuff all over it. then we have a kids tree and this year i don't have room to put up my tree (boo hoo). i will have to take pictures and post them. thanks again for stopping and i will add you to my favorites.

Tammy said...

Your tree is gorgeous! I would love to have a real tree again, but I put my tree up way too early for that. It would die before Christmas.

Childlife said...

Lovely tree! We have to do the Christmas Eve thing with presents too for the same reason! : )

Carrie Smith said...

I have an award for you :0)

It's hard to believe that there is only 22 days left until christmas...time to wrap the gifts.

Happy Holidays