Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our Trip To West Palm Beach, Florida

So Saturday afternoon, my hubby, two little boys and I headed for West Palm Beach, Florida on a rented big van. The whole trip was enjoyable, although my boys had their 'cranky' moments. Overall though they were both good travellers.

So anyway, the funeral service for my father in-law wasn't until Tuesday morning, so when we arrived Sunday night we planned the next day Monday to be just an easy day- fit for sightseeing and 'hanging out have a little picnic at the beach' day, and visiting old familiar places. West Palm Beach is only about 45 minutes drive to where we used to live in Pembroke Pines/Miramar area before we moved to Dallas. We opted to go to Hollywood beach, where we are familiar. My boys had such a wonderful time while at the beach, especially Gabriel (our toddler) who never want to stop digging the sand with his little plastic pail and shovel his dad bought him at the dollar store..just soooo cute watching him so occupied with his digging (pictured here), LOL. Our little one had a nice time too and was babbling the whole time. He looked so cute naked sitting on the beach blanket, sitting up with just his little swimmers on. :)

So after the beach, we headed to our favorite Cuban restaurant called Las Vegas Cuban Restaurant in Pembroke Pines. My hubby and I both had the "Lechon" (pork asado), a Cuban dish that's similar with the Filipino cuisine. Then had a beer with it. Yumm, that was good. We were pigging out, LOL. So after this big lunch, we were craving for coffee so we went to our old favorite coffee place called "The Coffee Scene" which is only like three doors down the Cuban restaurant. As soon as we opened the door, the big picture of Ramiele Malubay (the Filipino-American girl who made it to the Top 24 in this season's American Idol) in the middle of the coffee shop greeted us. Remember in my earlier post about her, I told you all that she used to be just a neighbor when we used to live in Fort Lauderdale? The shop 'barista' later told us that every Wednesday, Ramiele used to sing at their coffee shop lounge to entertain guests, before she went to audition for American Idol and that they (co-workers at the coffee shop) convinced Ramiele to do the audition because everyone thought she had real talent. And they were right. Anyways, we were also told that she served as a waitress at the sushi restaurant next door to the coffee shop.

So there you have a little trivia on Ramiele Malubay.

All in all we enjoyed the trip. I know it's a little weird to say this, since it was mainly to attend my father in-law's funeral service. But I was trying to cheer up my husband the whole time and I think it worked.


Cathy said...

Love the pictures Jo and ocean looks so inviting. I miss the ocean breeze. And your boys (including your hubby) look like they had fun as well!

Misty Dawn said...

Those photos are wonderful!!! What a great post!

supermom said...

Great pics, it looks like so much fun! I cant wait until we get warm weather in NY:)

Glad you are back!

**"Liza"** said...

oyy looks like you have a lot of fun out there ha..