Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bananas In the Fireplace

So you're probably thinking.."What the heck is "Bananas in the Fireplace"? Well, I am talking about one of my toddler Gabriel's many mischiefs- which could be at times unnerving, sometimes funny, and sometimes it's so adorable that I just want to hug and kiss him! LOL.

This one is definitely a classic and something that we'll reminisce about when he's a grown up.

So this morning while preparing breakfast for him and his little brother, I was looking for bananas in the basket where I normally keep them on the kitchen counter, but I couldn't find them. I swear I wasn't dreaming when I put away a bunch of it last night from their daddy's groceries! Ugh. So I was looking for them in the pantry, in the refrigerator and finally I gave up. While I was walking towards the master bedroom a little while later, I saw the bunch of bananas in the fireplace! OMG! I said, "Gabriel baby, bananas are food. They don't belong in the fireplace, okay?", and kissed and hugged him. He just had this big smile and let out an excited little laugh that told me: "Hey, Mommy. I got you, didn't I?". LOL. Isn't that funny?

He's really into climbing up bathroom and kitchen counters these days. That's how he took the bunch of bananas and put them in the fireplace. :)


Midas said...

That is pretty funny. HE got you!

Lesha said...

That is really cute. :)