Sunday, November 30, 2008

Visiting the Bookstore

I haven't visited the bookstore in a while. I just feel like I don't need anymore books right now. I got more books to read than I can handle. Part of the fact that I get a lot of books these days is because of the work I do on my review site (Hip Mama's Place). Plus I bought new books for myself a couple months ago that I haven't had the time to read yet. Ugh.

Anyway, yesterday I needed to get a little break by myself and went to Borders (my favorite bookstore). I got me a big old latte and sat down at the coffee shop for a little bit. I took out a few fashion and business magazines from the shelf just to browse through and entertain myself for a bit. One of the topics I saw on one business magazine is about people buying into franchise businesses from big companies- one of the few ones mentioned was buying into a Subway franchise. It was interesting in that the aricle cited that a lot of business-minded women are really into buying franchise businesses these days.

Hmm. If I had a choice and if I have all the money in the world, I would love to buy all the Victoria's Secret stores. LOL. That way I can have all the lingerie, cosmetics, clothes, and shoes that I could ever want! :D

(Okay, I admit. I'm a little vain). :D