Saturday, December 27, 2008

My New Job

I am still in training at my new job but so far, I can see myself doing it for a long time. I've always worked in healthcare the past few years and this one is the perfect job I was looking for. Right now, I am training the normal day shift but when the training phase is done, I will be on the second shift which is perfect for me. I don't like rushing to work in the morning traffic and besides, I still get to do my chores around the house in the morning and feed my boys breakfast before I take them to the daycare. I love my work schedule!

But you know what's funny? Just when I was offered this job, other jobs started calling me to come in for an interview. There was even this one job from a big computer company that I didn't expect to get a response from. They are a company that hires for jobs in programming and other types of computer job positions so I was surprised they would call me because my qualifications are not really for a computer-type job.

Anyway, all is good so far and I am sticking to the job I have right now. The pay and benefits are excellent and the work schedule is just perfect. So hopefully it will work out good for me and my family.

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Sandra Carvalho said...

It's always like that ain't it???Or we do not get any calls or we get showered by them!LOL!
Good for you my friend that everything is working out!