Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Books and Baby Einstein

My three-and-a-half year old Gabriel is really into books and Baby Einstein DVDs these days.

Yes, he likes books that have big pictures and names of things on it. He likes to spell every word he sees now and notices the shapes and colors of things around him. He still says words in three or four phrases, but the progress with his speech and learning the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, animals and everyday words has been amazing.

Like, if we're getting dressed to go somewhere, he likes to pick his own "red" shirt and "blue" pants. Then he'll say, "black" shoes and "blue" socks (since, like mommy, he has lots of shoes!). :D

He loves to spell a lot and read words now too and sings the ABC song well. It's just funny coz he'd skip the M and N sometimes. But then he catches it and starts from A again. LOL, so cute! :D

As for the Baby Einstein DVDs, it's amazing how they really teach a lot of basic things. And a great bonus is that, my kids are getting into classical music too! Gabriel hums with every classical music in every episode of Baby Einstein while Jaden loves to dance along too.

Anyway, I'm just so happy to share with you all about Gabriel's progress. I recently went to the art store and picked up some art materials to do finger-painting and play-doh with my boys this week. They both love anything coloring and using their hands too!


Tammy said...

Aidan never got into them. He's into Winnie the Pooh right now.

Sandra Carvalho said...

Eric is going through a "Sponge Bob" phase right now!...All he wants to watch is "Sponge Bob"...Oh well...Let's see what's next!...

Sandra Carvalho said...

Just passing by to wish an Happy Easter to y'all!