Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thanking God for Many Blessings

Hello, friends.

How are you all?

Are you getting ready for Christmas yet? Have you started Christmas decorating? Is your tree up already?

Our house has been decked out for the holidays since the weekend after Thanksgiving. I usually don't decorate for Christmas this early, but since I had to throw a party at our house for the Corner Bakery Holiday Catering Challenge, we had to prep it for the party's Christmas theme.

So anyway, our house is all lit up and looks and feels warm and fuzzy already. My boys love the Christmas tree, the ornaments and the holiday spirit in the house. I am excited about Christmas this year (for many reasons) and I only have God to thank for all the wonderful blessings He has continued to bring my way.

Dan and I are thinking of our next travel plan already. No, might not be a Cancun vacation, but honestly, anywhere with him is always wonderful! :)


readingsully2 said...

Merry Christmas. :)

LC David said...

Good post... Every one has to thank God for each Blessing... Thanks for the post....
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