Friday, October 19, 2007

Looking Into Baby Carriers

I came across a really good website for user reviews on a wide range of consumer products, such as home electronics, computers, health and beauty, and even kids and baby products, called

Of course, the first thing I checked out was the kids and baby product reviews, particularly the Baby Carrier reviews. A friend is going to have a baby in December and I was looking into getting her a baby carrier as a gift. The reviews listed 51 products, each ranked as weak, average, or strong in terms of how many users love it. So now, I can't decide which baby carrier I am going to get, after reading these Baby Carrier reviews.

You know how people say that you should stick to the products that have already been tested and recommended to you by your family or friends. I think that these Baby Carrier reviews helped me a bit in educating myself with what kind of baby carriers are there in the market today. I will have to still ask around, research, compare, and eventually decide on something that I think would be useful, practical, and yet not too hard on the pocketbooks. :)

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