Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fun Get-Together

So yesterday I saw some of my old friends from ten years ago. They were my co-teachers and really great buddies from when I used to teach at the local Montessori school here in Cagayan de Oro City. We met for dinner and had a wonderful get-together. Of course, all of us are now mommies. Even a few of them brought their kids with them ranging from 10 years old down to two years old. I couldn't bring my two boys with me because they were already tired from an excursion we had with my family earlier in the day. When I left the house at 5PM, both my babies were already knocked out.

Anyways, it was so much fun chatting and reminiscing happy moments my friends and I shared together so many years ago.

One of them is applying for a teaching job in the US. It's somewhere in California and so they asked me if I was familiar with California. I told them I've never lived there although I've been there several times on short family vacations. The conversations with my friends went from California to Vegas vacations to parenting and the funny and unusual ways we all deal with and rear our children.

All in all, it was a fun get-together with all of them!


Sandra Carvalho said...

That's so nice!
Good to know that you had a great time! ;)
I miss my friends too.

Tammy said...

That was nice to be able to get together with old friends. :o)